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Stacey & Mel: Lioness with you

02.02.2020 ..... backwards and forwards, Stacey & Mel's wedding date reads the same. You could probably argue that whether 'looking' backwards or forwards, Stacey & Mel are also on the same page!

When I first met up with them to plan their ceremony, they told me to listen to a particular song as it was "all you really need to know about how we feel when we are together." Naturally, as soon as I jumped in my car post planning session, I popped it on. I listened. I smiled intently. I shed a tear. I fell in love with the way they described their intense feelings for one another.

Of course, come wedding day, Stacey and Mel both walked down the aisle to Beccy Cole's Lioness which proudly boasts the all-important line; "I'm a lioness with you."

Look what happens when I go out on my own

Without you beside me

All my wisdom is suspended

I shouldn't be left unattended

Look what happens when you're not holding my hand

And you're not there to guide me through

I get blurry on the lines and I'm a scaredy-cat sometimes

But I'm a lioness with you

When looking back on these photos from their day so perfectly captured by Chris Garbacz, there is so much I remember vividly.   Arriving at the perfectly manicured grounds of Butterfly, Red Hill and seeing the mismatched chairs lined up awaiting their occupants.  Wandering into the house and seeing a room full of ladies bursting with excitement and ready to solidify their family unit.  Overhearing the revelry amongst family and friends eager to celebrate the relationship of two of their loved ones.  Noticing the abundance of personalised details the girls had created to ensure their wedding truly represented them.  But most of all, I remember soaking in an atmosphere of love and pride.  It was incredible.

Sharing Stacey & Mel's story with their guests was a privilege, and revealing a few unknown tales along the way was even more fun!  Encouraging unscripted audience participation was incredibly heartwarming, and I won't lie, holding back the tears during their genuinely profound vows quite the struggle. But the absolute pinnacle of their ceremony was announcing those final three words they'd been longing to hear:  "Wife and Wife!"

Stacey & Mel, thank you for finding and adoring each other.

Celebrant: Shannon Jeans

Photographer: Chris Garbacz & Rick Liston Venue:  Butterfly, Red Hill Both Dress:  Vassi Bridal Couture

Kombi: Kombi Keg

Hi Shannon, yesterday was an absolute amazing day! We couldn’t have asked for better. You made our ceremony so unique, so relaxed and so enjoyable for everyone! You don’t just do your job but you do it brilliantly! You are in a class of your own girlfriend! Thank you so much for being apart of our day.

Stacey & Mel x

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