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Victorian Elopement Locations

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

It’s no huge surprise that the current climate is making planning and having a large scale wedding somewhat challenging, so many couples are opting for a “elope now, party later” scenario – which, I must admit I’m not sad about.

As an experienced Celebrant who has officiated weddings of all kinds for over 11 years now, elopements really are my sentimental fave! So I thought I’d put together some of my favourite Victorian elopement locations to help you think outside the square and find the perfect elopement venue or scenario for you!

My number one piece of advice is “do you!” So if you feel more 'you' inside your favourite café or wine bar as opposed to on a clifftop, or amongst the vines – then do that! Elopements give you the ability to curate a day that’s 1000% you as a couple. One that you’ll remember forever for all the right reasons. One where you feel completely YOU!

Re-engineering your thinking and stripping back the day to what it is essentially about (YOU!) is also the key choosing the best elopement location. Take it from these guys .......

Tennille had always dreamed of a"fairytale wedding" so she and Hayes took their fairytale deep into the forest and eloped amongst the Redwoods at Beech Forest in the Otways. Just them, their mothers and their girls, there wasn't a dry eye between us.

Images by Dan Brannan

Hiking enthusiasts Vic and Rob took us to dizzying heights, and eloped on one of their favourite walking trails: Razerback Trail at Mount Hotham.

Images by Dan Brannan

Beach lovers, Sarah and Mitch packed their picnic basket, assembled their loved ones and dodged the tides to tie the knot on the most picture perfect stretch of beach in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula. Elopement perfection!

Images by Dan Brannan

Tara and Stuart replaced their international wedding plans with hiring an AirBnB in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula with the most magnificent garden that showcased not only the autumnal colours in season, but their love of the simple pleasures in life. Their intimate wedding ceremony was everything!

Images by Dan Brannan

Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too? This elopement combo'd forest greenery with the beach, for the most heartwarming lovers experience imaginable.

Images by Dan Brannan

Snow bunnies Shannon and Luke opted to turn their family snow trip to Mount Buller into an opportunity to marry their way! Family snow elopements for the WIN!

Images by Love Austin Photography

When a creative genius marries an Aussie larrikin, of course you choose an epic Australian landscape as the backdrop. The Pink Cliffs in Regional Victoria sure are an incredible elopement location with photo opportunities in abundance!

Images by Sabine LeGrand

For Jamee and Josh, being by the sea was key, so they opted to elope at Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula. Flinders is known for it's popular clifftop views, but if you ask me, heading down the stairs to the rock pools will give you a more private elopement experience.

Images by Dan Brannan

Carla and Tom trekked to one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Victoria: Eskine Falls just outside of Lorne to speak precious words and have their first dance immersed in nature. What an elopement adventure!

Images by Dan Brannan

Hiking and mountain bike enthusiasts Heather and Tim chose the impressive Mt Sturgeon in Dunkeld as the backdrop for their wedding day. Being able to hire out Mt Sturgeon Homestead for their entire stay, meant they could take full advantage of the area best known for outdoor activities and impressive landscapes, and now in their case; as the perfect place to get married!

Images by Dan Brannan

A stand up paddle board elopement? Why not?!?!? If you are an adventurous couple like Laura and Amit, then let your imagination dictate your elopement location. This sunrise wedding adventure was one of the most memorable elopements to date!

Images by Dan Brannan

There's only one thing that will ever come between Ashleigh and Adrian: plants! So naturally, they chose a nursery to speak their vows and their Glasshouse Outside elopement truly was a special one!

Meagan and Chris's elopement brief was fairly straightforward: family, fancy and food. They hired an AirBnb, recruited a personal chef and had the most romantic and family oriented elopement experience imaginable.

Images by Dan Brannan

As an industry guru, Lauren has seen her fair share of wedding venues up close and personal, and she knew that when it came her turn to tie the knot, she wanted to do so 'elopement style' at one of the most picturesque and popular wedding venues on the Mornington Peninsula: Tanglewood Estate. It was nothing short of incredible.

Images by Dan Brannan

Naturally, these are just a handful of examples of couples eloping their way. For more ideas, or to talk through your dream day, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'll guide you through the process and the legal requirements to elope, but I'll also encourage an open and honest chat about what fits you and your style best.

Victoria's has endless elopement locations and opportunities and I'm genuinely excited to explore them with you. Let's do this!

Elopement Celebrant to those who dare to dream!

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