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'How' to enquire with potential wedding vendors

So, you're planning your wedding, you've narrowed down your preferred suppliers and it's time to start the conversations with them. Is there such a thing as "enquiry etiquette?" Or even just a better way to do things?

I've put together a few top tips that will help your enquiry stand out for all the right reasons!

1. Let you personality shine!

“Here’s my date, what’s your price?” is about as sexy as Borat’s mankini and I assure you if you are vying for a peak season date you’ll be overlooked in a flash. Most of us vendors want to enjoy our work, so we are always keen to learn a little bit about your personality in your enquiry. Let it shine through!

2. Details, details, details!

The more, the better! Key details like names, dates, times, venue, guest numbers, specific requirements etc help us to work out availability and other additional info helps us to determine fit! We all know the saying “your vibe attracts your tribe” so if you’re trying to attract your vendor tribe, we need to understand your vibe!

3. Be aware of timelines!

Peak dates book fast. Booking 18months out for a Nov/Dec or Feb/Mar wedding is not too eager, it’s necessary to get your preferred team locked in! Trust us, we don’t love sending the “sorry, already booked” email – so if you’ve got your eye on a vendor – enquire sooner rather than later.

4. Good manners open doors!

Let’s not forget the person you are communicating with could potentially be present on your big day. So right from that first enquiry, treat them that way and it shall be returned tenfold.

5. Check your spam and junk!

Check your spam folders as regularly as you check your inbox. It appears no one is immune from the junk box monster!

6. Don’t ghost us!

Got the info you require but decided to book elsewhere? That’s completely fine – but please don’t ghost us. We take the time to put love and energy into responding to you, and hey … maybe even setting the date aside for you. Ghosting is the height of rudeness in our industry (there, I said it!) so don’t be that person! Just be upfront so we can all move forward.

If you've made it this far and absorbed these tips, trust me, you're well equipped to start enquiring. Go get em!

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