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Planning Weddings Remotely – does it hinder?

Trust me, remote wedding planning was a thing well before Covid times! Whilst I’ll forever harp on about the fact that connection with vendors (especially your Photographer, Videographer and Celebrant) is everything, you certainly don’t have to physically meet to ‘connect.’

Connection runs deeper than a coffee across the table. It’s more than a handshake and a beer at a bar. It’s a link or bond, an energy exchange between people who are paying attention to each other, so of course there’s more ways to connect than just face to face. And in my experience, extremely beneficial ways.

Given I do a lot of destination weddings both interstate and overseas (remember those days,) as well as work with a lot of interstate or overseas based couples getting married here in Victoria, I often don’t actually meet couples in person until they are literally about to walk down the aisle. Does this affect our relationship, the vibe or their confidence in my abilities? Absolutely not!

A good supplier will go the extra mile to ensure you are relaxed, confident and comfortable, squashing any reservations you may have about the lack of face-to-face planning. We will work with you (and any distance constraints) and subsequently prove that it’s our experience and personality that you are engaging, not just our service offering.

Technology evolution and the quality of it means there are so many ways to communicate, so Facetime, Zoom, Google hang outs, Webex, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Skype, emails and even good old fashioned phone calls still do the trick!

Just ask Leigh and Tash, who basically planned their entire Yarra Valley wedding from the comfort of their couch in Ballarat, well before Covid struck! When asked if they would change a thing ......

“No way! We actually never met our key suppliers before the day. Shan just got us and we had full faith in her experience and abilities from the get go. From the few Facetimes and phone calls before the big day, Shan new exactly what me and my partner were like and tailored a ceremony that suited us to a tee.

As a couple, we both work odd hours, so finding the time to drive up from Ballarat to Melbourne and beyond to meet and book in all of our suppliers just wasn’t working for us. With a little website and Instagram and guidance from other suppliers about who worked well with who, we booked the majority of our team from our living room and saved so much travel time!

Who we met online and via Facetime, was exactly the personality that turned up on the day. The minute Shan arrived, it felt like an old friend just rocked up. I really think that’s because she took the time to get to know us through her own processes before the day. So, no regrets here! Shan's A-game was strong and the vibes were high!"

Images by lens master: Michael Briggs Photography

So my advice when planning your wedding remotely either because of physical/distance restraints or global pandemics (please no more of these!) is to take the time to do your research on vendors who get your vibe – be it through stalking them on the socials, or asking other reputable industry suppliers who they recommend for you. Then take the time to meet with them however possible. I always say, you get a good sense of a person and whether you connect with them very quickly, so go with your gut and if it feels right, book them.

We are all here to make your planning, and subsequently, your day as seamless and enjoyable as possible!

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Irich Creativestudio
Irich Creativestudio
Jan 26

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