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Introducing: The Parker Effect

I ‘sat down’ recently (ok that term is used super loosely, as let’s face it, we are in a pandemic and no one in Melbourne is sitting with anyone about now….) …. Let’s try again …..

I ‘chatted’ recently with Alisha Andric of The Parker Effect about her bespoke stationary and signage company – gaining a little insight into her world.  So, if you want some guidance on invitation etiquette, suggested timelines and covid postponement trends, I recommend you read on a little further!

Full disclosure: I was the lucky celebrant to marry Alisha to her beau, Brendan, and met her when The Parker Effect was really just starting to kick off, so to see her business go from strength to strength and become one of Melbourne’s go to suppliers for all things stationary and signage, is so exciting. I couldn’t be happier for the hard working, gorgeous soul that she is.

So, Alisha! You had a baby, started a business, got married, quit full time work and then got smashed by a pandemic! Wowee, what a journey you’ve had! Let’s start with a little bit of background. Tell me, how, when and why did you start The Parker Effect?

I started TPE when my daughter Parker was 1 month old. Going from working long full time hours to being home with a baby who slept a lot, was sending me loopy (little did I know that the all-day sleeping wouldn’t last long).  I had always loved party planning and designing invites and signage for friends and family, so I thought starting up a small business would help pass the time and I could finally turn something I love into work. Brendan works in the signage industry so he helped me out and taught me how to use design programs and put me in touch with a lot businesses I still use to this day for printing and production.

Let’s touch on Covid briefly. Given you are pumping out all the postponement and Save the NEW date cards/invitations at the moment, tell us: how far down the track are couples postponing to? Nov/Dec, 2021, or maybe 2022??   (For the readers, it’s currently July.)

A little bit of all options to be honest. A lot of my couples have made the decision to postpone a whole 12 months (plus) because Sep/Oct for example, was the month or time of year they dreamt of getting married. Others simply booked what was left available with their venue. So, whilst couples are still postponing due to the unknown around wedding restrictions, most have new 2021 dates to work towards.

Given you are often the first port of call with SAVE THE DATES, and INVITATIONS, what are the upcoming colour or style trends from this perspective?

I’m seeing lots of warm tones such as almond, stone, terracotta and dusty pinks. White ink printing is also extremely popular at the moment. I’m loving that clients are mixing colours together to create that perfect colour palette.  Oh, and we can’t go past the arch shaped invites…… they have been a winner!

How far in advance do you advise people to send out their SAVE THE DATES, and INVITATIONS?

Put simply, a good guide is: Save the Dates 12 months in advance and Invitations 6 months (if you have that time up your sleeve!)  Life is hectic and people are busy! Wedding season is usually around that Oct-April period where we are heading away, going to other weddings etc so it is good to give your guests ample notice, especially if your wedding is on a weekday; guests will need to plan in advance (apply for leave, book babysitters etc.)

And I imagine with all the Covid related postponements, our social calendars will fill faster than ever once they can!

So, Invitation étiquette…. is there such a thing?

I don’t think so..  I think the most important thing is make your invitations look like they came from you! Your style, your vibe.  Wording wise, be as fun or as traditional as you like. I really don’t think there are many rules when it comes to invites!  

No rules! I like it. Tell me then, what’s your number 1 piece of advice when it comes to designing invitations and signage?

Be open to being unique… I absolutely love when couples request something just that little bit different and trust me to create something incredible for them. Be true to you and your style and don’t choose a design that doesn’t reflect you as a couple. Most importantly.. know your theme (and budget)! Acrylic pieces don’t work at certain venues so I always ask my couples to provide me as much information as possible about their day such as flower colours and style, napkin colours, bridesmaid dresses so I can make suggestions that will tie into the whole theme.

You mentioned acrylic. Signage wise, we’ve all noticed a huge rise in acrylic and neon …. any predictions on the next trend?

I honestly love and prefer our PVC core digital signage options… the possibilities are endless and they are much cheaper too.  Personally, I would love to see couples going for coloured backgrounds rather than the traditional black and white, and it can be so easy to make them look similar to your invitations so all your signage and stationery match. I can honestly say that 80% of my signage bookings for the next 6-10 months are our digital design style.

I love your insight, thanks Alisha! In closing, is there anything else you’d like to add about The Parker Effect, or the wedding industry on general?

The most amazing thing I have found with the wedding industry over the last couple of years is that everyone supports each other so much …... and now more than ever due to Covid! We have all been hit pretty hard, but we are all banding together tightly too! It’s a great feeling to know we will all come out the other side stronger and closer than ever!

I could not agree more, Alisha! Thank you so much for the chat and for your insight. And now, if I may, let me show off your work!!!

You can contact Alisha at The Parker Effect or stalk her on the gram at @theparkereffect 

Alisha & Brendan's wedding photos (above) were captured by Ashleigh Haase.  

All other images supplied by The Parker Effect.

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