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Covid screwed our plans, so let's just 



Covid-19 has changed the look and feel of so many weddings, but it has also paved the way for so many couples to tie the knot, their way! So you could sit around and dwell on what could have been, or you could get creative, get unconventional and get adventurous, by eloping with me! 

Elopements really can be the most magical and romantic experience, and conveniently all we need is you both, two witnesses (you can supply your own, or ask me to supply two on your behalf) a little bit of notice (30 days to be exact)

and a few legal sentences.  Then viola!  Married, your way!

Whether it's a top a mountain, out in the surf, on horseback, at your favourite winery or brewery, 

or even in your very own backyard, the sky is the limit (actually it's not, we can do it there too!)

So if you are keen on something different and something a thousand percent more you,

then complete the enquiry form below and let's lock in a time to talk through your vision or explore and workshop ideas.  

Minimum guests, maximum love.  It's actually that simple. 

Hi guys, I'm Shan!

I like to think I'm a bit of a 'marriage celebrant chameleon' with the ability to blend in anywhere, anytime with anyone, but if we are to get specific .... you are my kinda people if you are looking for a lighthearted, fun, professional, yet semi sassy ceremony that's heartfelt and personal, and tugs on the heart strings in all the right places, whilst simultaneously gets you and your guests in the right spirit to celebrate all things YOU!

Being a part of your day is an absolute privilege, and something I never take for granted.  Over ten years of experience means I've safely and confidently got your back, your front, and anything else you need of me.


So wherever, whenever and however you choose to make things official, I'll bring a unique presence to your day, guide you through the process, take the time to ensure you are super comfortable, confident and well represented, and invest unsurpassed enthusiasm into your wedding day to ensure you and your guests remember your ceremony for all the right reasons.


"Wow, what can I say? As a wedding photographer who has seen hundreds of ceremonies, I can honestly say that Shannon is elite at what she does. She is the Michael Jordan of celebrants!

She is warm, funny, down to earth, calm and above all, she just gets it! I love photographing a Shannon Jeans ceremony as I know she will create something real and honest for the couple without any cheese or faff!

I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Dan Brannan, Wedding Photographer


Get in Touch

Please contact me on the form below and let's get you married, in YOUR style!

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