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Sal & Matty's Half Acre LoveFest

Every now and then you meet a couple in this job that just blow you away for one reason or another. Sal and Matty (aka Fatty) became that couple pretty quickly for me.

They ooze a unique warmth, compassion and a zest for life that draws you in and makes you crave more.  I envy those who get their Sal & Fatty fix on the daily.  Trust me, their lives are richer for it!

After meeting through the local footy club as 15 & 16 year olds, it wasn’t until one fateful night at Blitz Nightclub when Sal’s friend bowled her chicken fillet sticky boob to Matt and he hit it across the dance floor and hit the DJ in the head that the interest was sparked. To quote Sal “I laughed like I had never laughed before and knew instantly that I had to have Fatty Noonan in my life more.”

Thankfully, that's exactly what transpired, and these two have been laughing and smiling their way through life together, ever since.

Sal & Fatty (ok, let's face it, probably more Sal, right Fatty?) handpicked their A Team of wedding vendors based on research and connection, and boy it showed!  Every single element of their imperfectly perfect wedding day was a true reflection of them - something I harp on about regularly.  Their vibe and personalities shone through all facets of the day, and resultantly, despite Melbourne serving up the most average weather conditions, their smiles never left their faces. 

So let me share with you the Love Fest that began at Melbourne's stunning Botanic Gardens and continued onto one of South Melbourne's most versatile and easily adaptable wedding spaces, Half Acre.

Through the lens of one of Melbourne's most popular photographers, Ashleigh Haase, and the motion magic of the insanely talented Rachael Mary Films, you'll see guests huddled under umbrellas eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sal and Fatty, who were absolutely intent on holding their ceremony outdoors, despite the temporamental drizzle for a good hour in the lead up.  

You'll see the way that karma stepped in, (or the angels above answered Sal's pleas,) and the rain stopped quite literally as she commenced her walk toward the man who held her heart, not returning until they were officially married.  

You'll also get a glimpse into their stylish Half Acre reception, costume change by Sal into her exquisite party dress, and Soda Lane smash cake - all showcasing the newlyweds characters.

But what I trust you'll see most, is two genuinely good people having the time of their lives. Just the way they deserve.

Celebrant: Shannon Jeans

Photography: Ashleigh Haase

Videography: Rachael Mary Films (Click here for link to film)

Ceremony Venue: Royal Botanic Gardens

Reception Venue: Half Acre

Ceremony Dress: Caleche Bridal

Party Dress: ASOS

Make up: Proglam

Entertainment: Brothers in Harmony

Ceremony setup: Styled Event Hire

Catering: Food & Desire

"Shannon Jeans, Civil Celebrant. Yes, but kind of no. Shan is far more than that. Shan is a living, breathing, celebration of all things wonderful when it comes to marrying you off.

A Celebrant by definition can be both ‘a person who performs a rite or leads a ceremony’ and ‘a person who celebrates something.’ Well you got that part right! She knows how to kick off the celebrations with equal amounts of professionalism and not taking herself to seriously. I’m not sure how she is does it so perfectly but I guess when you’ve found your passion, your true calling, that you are an absolute powerhouse!

From the initial contact, we knew that we had found our person. Secretly, we always knew that she was the right fit, even before receiving seven recommendations that all pointed back to her. It was very obvious to us, that this trio were meant to be. Perhaps it is her cheeky nature, her ability to listen and observe or her charisma. Maybe it’s her genuine and easy going personality that had us hooked. I guess that pairs perfectly with her ability to command yet melt an audience through story telling. Looking out over our loved ones as they laughed, cried and smiled as she narrated the story of us, is something that I will cherish forever.

Throughout the lead up to our wedding, Shannon was ever so helpful and a massive support to us. Not only is she a legend when officiating your ceremony, she is a total boss leading up to it. At each point she would take the time to hear what was important to us and get to know us as individuals. The good and the good because we are amazing! Kidding.

She was able to coordinate other suppliers at the ceremony to make sure everything ran smoothly, helped make it look very Instagram-able (as the young kids say) and to top that off, calm our nerves and make us feel comfortable. Our day definitely did not go to plan with the weather but after seeing her happy face, we both snapped back into being very excited for the ceremony.

Something else that you must know is that Shan is the epitome of a people person. Not many people have that ability to level with everyone they meet. She has this this ability to connect with people that is so rare and really brings out the joy everyone. You can’t buy that type of skill. It’s so lovely to witness and experience. You instantly know that you are in the best hands and to be honest, our guests are still raving about her.

To summarise, if you’re looking for someone to stand with you on such a big day, please call her. You won’t be disappointed. Unless she is already booked because she is at the top of her field and I know why. Shan is highly respected throughout the wedding industry and is a fierce supporter of other suppliers which is a very sweet thing to see. Good people know good people! We are so thrilled that what we found in Shannon was much more than a ‘good Celebrant.’ We managed to find the most amazing human and now friend to share that special moment of our lives with. She is completely invested, kind, funny, present and effortless in everything that she does. Her energy throughout the process was something that we valued so highly and we cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for us. THANK YOU! All our love, The Noonan’s x

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