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Live Music at Weddings. Yes or No?

I get asked this question so often and the answer is always the same! YES!

If you’ve heard me talk about some of the things that really up the vibe for your ceremony, resultantly setting the tone for your party, then you would have heard me highly recommend live music! Nothing creates an atmosphere and ups the energy of a wedding like live music does. It’s that simple!

If you ask me …. I’m all about acoustic music pre and during the ceremony as well as for your ‘cocktail hour’ (the gap between the ceremony and the reception.) Then ramp things right up by adding more band crew or a decent DJ (bonus points for sax skills!) later in the evening.

Now I’m not necessarily the expert, so I spoke to a couple of industry experts who know a thing or two about entertainment.

First up, Meet Leighton (aka Splatty) – Director of Unplugged Entertainment who are the booking agent for some of the hottest talent in Melbourne. I’m talking; Jack & Jordan, Andrew Loadsman, Tom Carty, Angus Legg, Taylor Piggott, Joey Cirillo, Waves Duo, The Royce Twins, DJ Marc, DJ Chris Sax, Ashley Sax …. the list goes on. Instant cred right there!

I asked Leight whether there were any trends he saw for the upcoming wedding season and what he thought worked well …..

“With everyone going through what has been just an insane year, it is so nice to be able to forget everything for a while and have an amazing celebration.

That being said, the pandemic has certainly affected our couples, suppliers, and venues, and subtly changed the way some things are done.

This doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the atmosphere, and the level of talent with our musicians means that with looping effects, percussion and more they can create a huge sound if that’s what your after!

Our most popular packages these days involve a combination of the live musician and a DJ component. Some of our more talented guys are actually professionals in both fields, meaning you can have the one musician for the night who can start off playing acoustic, then switch to the decks to keep the party going!”

I also asked the gorgeous Renee of the incredibly talented and highly sought after Tobi Tobi - who are renowned for being flown around Australia and the world to play at weddings of all scales why SHE thinks live music at weddings is important and here’s what she said ….

“I agree with you Shan bam, live music is the beez knees. I believe live music adds this like, ‘magical veil’ a ‘vibe veil’ even haha, over and around your day. One that you can’t see but you can definitely feel. When you go to a wedding, that’s what you want to do, FEEL all that awesome love.

Live music is all about feeling. You know when you listen to a piece of wondrous music or watch a heartfelt movie and you get little tingles in your soul. The right live music can do that to you, and to your guests. It intensifies the feeling, like a harmless, yet amazing drug. - Why wouldn't you want that?”

I agree wholeheartedly Renee and I’ve certainly seen you and Jamie create that feeling every time you play. Why wouldn’t you want that?!!!

In summary, I’m not saying that pre-recorded music, spotify and playlists won’t do the job because they certainly work. And of course if you have competing priorities in your budget then they are a good option, but in my opinion, the best party starter, mood lifter and electric atmosphere setter is live music every day of the week!

Should you need any recommendations on live music and what or who may suit your day, please reach out! I’m so privy to work with the best in the biz (including my superstar guest contributors) on the regular, and more than happy to share this insight with you.

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