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Jess & Doc's Family & Friends Fiesta

If you knew Jess and Doc, you'd know their wedding was not just a 'one day' thing.  Their entire relationship, the engagement, the wedding plans, the lead up, the anticipation, the never-ending hens parties and celebrations .... the list goes on,  AS DOES their sideline of cheerleaders and the hundreds of sets of eyes watching from afar!  I mean, find me someone amongst their circles who doesn't adore this duo or want to celebrate all things them! 

So with all that mind, being asked to be their celebrant came with a little bit of pressure (but mainly a whole heap of excitement!)  I couldn't help but be drawn into the most amped up vortex of wedding planning with them ..... and boy it was fun!  In fact, everything about this duo is fun and they aren't afraid to share the love, so it's little wonder they have such a strong network of party goers at the ready!

Come game day, the 'family and friends' vibe was strong.  This is something that is so important to both Jess and Doc, so they weaved the hearts and souls of 'their people' into roles on their day effortlessly and successfully.  

Completely embraced, and surrounded in love and connection, both Jess and Doc arrived at Zonzo Estate absolutely pumped for the celebration that was to follow.   They were honestly the 'pin up pair' for how I encourage all my couples to tackle their day - less nerves, more excitement, less project managing, more experiencing, less stress, more love.  They had taken the time to engage an incredible lineup of suppliers that meant they could wipe their hands of any responsibility on the day, and instead just turn up and enjoy their event.

With bride Jess coming from a very musical-oriented family, it was a no-brainer to ask her brother Gaz (who is no stranger to performing at weddings) to sing her down the aisle.   Gaz wholeheartedly oozed pride that was felt by every heart in the barn, so if you think his brilliant and profound performance happened without a tear or two, followed by a rapturous applause that almost took the roof off the Zonzo barn, then think again.  It connected the room immediately.  

Connection is something I harp on a lot with my couples. I'm a big believer that as a celebrant if you can successfully and genuinely connect with not only the people you are marrying, but with their entire guest list, then you are on track for a memorable ceremony. It really is something I insist on, and with the enthusiastic and openminded help of Jess and Doc and their ever obliging fan club, something I think was well and truly nailed.

Their interactive ceremony was full of sentiment and love, laughter and smiles, and a few shocking home truths out of left field. It was a real and honest celebration of two of the finest humans and it was a sheer honour to deliver. So thank you Jess and Doc. Thank you for inviting me into your world. Thank you for sharing with me your story. Thank you for entrusting me to marry you, and for providing one of the absolute stand out occasions of the year.

I have it on good authority that the party that night was one for the ages, with all the feels - a rollercoaster of emotions, endless talents on display, and the exact celebration that Jess and Doc deserved. Nothing makes me happier.

Celebrant: Shannon Jeans

Photographer:  Jerome Cole Venue:  Zonzo Estate Dress:  Made with Love Bridal Ceremony Entertainment: Gaz Thack

Reception Entertainment:  The White Tree

Bridesmaid Dresses: Shona Joy

I don’t know where to begin with this fabulous human. Our ceremony was the highlight of our life and we have Shannon to thank for that. I have the pleasure of knowing Shannon and seeing her in action previously so I had every faith and no doubt that there is simply no better person for the job of marrying us.

Shannon - you captured our story perfectly, set a magical vibe, had us all crying and laughing at the same time. You took any nerves we had from us and instead our tribe were completely calm but excited and ready to go!

You are so beautifully spoken and professional, but best of all so chill and funny. We had so many comments from guests saying just that and I knew we would. You’re our kind of people!

I obviously can’t recommend you enough for any future couples lucky enough to book you - I’m sure you’re in high demand. My advice to them is to listen to everything you have to say - every trick, every tip, every piece of advice is absolutely golden and makes for a relaxed, memorable and fun day. Thank you so much for making such an incredible impact on our day, we are forever grateful! Jess + Doc

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