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Dean & Dave's Beachside Bliss

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

June 9th, 2020

From the moment I met Dean and Dave the smile never left my face! I fell for them as a couple almost instantly, and it's safe to say, we never stopped laughing. In fact, you couldn’t wipe the smile from my face as they bickered through the he says/he says differing opinions of how life is! I knew their Middle Park beach wedding was going to be super special, super fun and a sheer privilege to officiate!

In between the laughs and insistent eye rolling banter I quickly learned that Dave, the stubborn procrastinator of the pair will always have to be known and acknowledged as the best dancer wherever they go, continuing to drop it like it’s hot, and splitting his pants as often as humanly possible. And Dean’s ‘act now, think later’ or ‘it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than approval’ attitude to life will forever render Dave frustrated, as he fixes up the issues Dean creates along the way.

Although opposites in so many ways, these guys work so well together and have created a formidable team and an unbreakable love. With Dean and Dave, life’s about bouncing off each other, forever bringing the energy to the room, being the life of the party, and Dave starting the shots every damn time .... so I'm sure you can imagine how fun their ultimate celebration was shaping up to be before it even happened.

Come game day, despite what was happening in the world around them, Dean and Dave brought their A-game and their wedding ceremony was the perfect mix of emotion, elation, reflection and love. There was an energy on the sand that day that was felt and embraced by all in attendance. An energy that celebrated love in it's purest form. And it was an honour to soak it up with those nearest and dearest to two of the finest men I've ever married.

Dean and Dave, what you have is special. What you give is even more so. Please never change, as the world needs more Dean and Dave's. Thank you for sharing your wedding with me. These images by Joey George Weddings are so perfect!

Celebrant: Shannon Jeans

Photographer: Joey George Weddings

Live singers: HitchedMelbourne

Music: DJ Al

Signage: LetterLights

"Wow!! Could not be happier with our choice in celebrant. Shannon was absolutely amazing!! She really set the tone for the rest of the night which was full of fun, laughter and lots of love in the air. It’s been a week since the wedding and people are still commenting on how great our celebrant was. Her friendly outgoing personality was infectious and she had all of our guests in stitches, including us! Would recommend her to ANYONE wanting a fun and lively atmosphere at their wedding that will be remembered by everyone."

Dean & Dave

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